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ND Cat. No. BA Shelfmark Artist Title
839  F 264 inf. n. 17 Albrecht Dürer Tree in a Quarry
837  F 264 inf. n. 19 Albrecht Dürer Ruin of an Alpine Shelter
838  F 264 inf. n. 20 Albrecht Dürer A Quarry
835  F 264 inf. n. 35 Albrecht Dürer Oriental Archer on Horseback
815  F 264 inf. n. 12 Albrecht Dürer Parrot
814  F 264 inf. n. 2 Albrecht Dürer A Woman of Nuremberg Dressed for the Home
813  F 264 inf. n. 27 Albrecht Dürer Head of a Woman Crowned with Roses
811  F 264 inf. n. 5 Albrecht Dürer Two Studies of Women from Burgenland
809  F 264 inf. n. 9 Albrecht Dürer Samson Battling the Philistines
808  F 264 inf. n. 14 Albrecht Dürer Seated Woman
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